Past Series

The Power of Focus

When we focus on the word, grace, and our spiritual gifts our progress becomes evident to the world around us. This is what gives us influence. Learn more in this powerful message.

A Living Sacrifice

We hinder the will of God when we attempt to renew our mind without first surrendering all of our heart to Jesus. Learn more in this powerful message.

New Creation

Salvation is more than accident forgiveness. It is also about new creation! Learn more in this powerful Easter message.

The Mystery of the Faith

The mystery of the faith is unveiled when we learn the nature of the Father. Learn more in this powerful message.

God Is Better Than We Think

If God is better than we think, we should change the way we think. Learn more in this powerful message of hope from Grace Life Church.

Picking Leaders Part 2

In this insightful message, Pastor Brian will continue teaching principles the Apostle Paul taught Timothy about how to pick leaders in the local church.

Picking Leaders Part 1

Have you ever wondered how leadership is supposed to be selected in the local church? Pastor Brian will answer that question in this insightful message.

A Healthy View of End Times

Many people have a fearful view of the end times which strips their identity and keeps them from taking action. In this powerful message, Pastor Brian will share truths from Romans 11 that will help restore your identity and help you walk in power in the day that we live.

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