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Jesus Ministered Through Faith

Why is faith important? Faith is how we access the promises of God that grace has provided. Healing is one of the many promises included in this provision.

Heaven on Earth

The Bible teaches heaven is a place of great peace and unity where the presence of Jesus is magnified above all else. The Bible also teaches God's will has always been for heaven to be a prototype for earth. This is why Jesus taught His disciples to pray "your will on earth as it is in heaven." In this message,...

The Open Doors To Sickness

In this powerful message, you will learn about the open doors to sickness. If the Holy Spirit shows you a open door in your soul, you have the ability to do something about it! The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth, but don’t expect God to close your open door. He has already given you authority to do...

A Kingdom of Peace

When we accept Jesus we enter a kingdom of peace even while we live in the midst of chaotic world. In this message, Pastor Brian will teach you about Jesus's kingdom where there is nothing missing and nothing broken; even in a fallen world. Learn more in this powerful message.

Why Would You Not Believe In Healing?

Healing was another facet of the restoration that Jesus brought us through His sacrifice. It is ours, as believers, as much as salvation. Yet there are many believers that choose not to receive what is rightfully theirs. They continue to live defeated lives, responding to sickness the same way the world does. They measure God’s promises against their experience. Many...

The Balance of Grace and Faith

Many people want to see God's will come to pass in their life but they are often confused about what is their part and what is God's part in seeing that happen. Learn more in this practical message as Pastor Brian teaches about the balance between grace and faith. Pastor Brian will also address how much of what has happened...

Healing Is Part of the Atonement

Healing is part of the atonement, it comes with salvation. Today people struggle with the opposite; they accept their forgiveness of sin and accept salvation, but doubt the possibility of physical healing. Learn more in this powerful message!

Thinking From Heaven Toward Earth

The Bible teaches that we are seated in heavenly places even while our body is physically present on the earth.  Pastor Brian will explain what that means in this powerful message.  He will also show you how Jesus demonstrated that reality in His life to bring change to the world around Him! Get ready to be blessed and see great...

The Way Forward

2020 has been the craziest year of all of our lives. It's been chaotic and changed the way we do life! In the midst of all the chaos the question we are all asking is, "where do we go from here?" In the midst of great chaos, the Lord is opening doors for the gospel to go forth like never...

Heaven Is In You

Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is within you. To the critical thinker that sounds over the top and way too good to be true. Was Jesus serious or was He exaggerating? How can we have heaven inside of us? In this powerful message Pastor Brian will explain what it means to have heaven inside of you. Once we understand...


One of the major values of the kingdom of God is honor. This is something we should all learn about as we currently live in a culture of dishonor. Learn about the culture of honor in this message from Tim Robertson at Grace Life Church.

Fight The Good Fight of Faith Part 2

In this powerful message, Arthur Meintjes will teach you how to fight the good fight of faith by trusting in the finished work of Jesus.