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Declare The Decree

God's will is forever settled in heaven. It doesn't get settled in the earth, however, until God's people declare His word out of their mouths. Learn more as Pastor Brian teaches on prayer and Grace Life Church prays for revival in our nation.

The Church Was Born In Revival

Revival means to breathe life into something and cause it increase. In this message, Pastor Brian will examine how the church was born in a season of revival through an encounter with the Holy Spirit . We will also look at how God wants to give new life to His church right now as we have increased encounters with the...

Revival Begins With Unity

In this message Pastor Brian will look at the importance of unity in revival. Unity has been the key element in every revival in church history while strife and disunity have ended many major moves of God. Learn how to walk in unity so we can experience revival in our nation!

Depression Ended

In this powerful message, you will learn how Jesus came to restore our failures and reset our destiny. Understanding the goodness of God breaks the power of depression to rule our lives.

The Supernatural Mind of Christ

When we have the Supernatural Mind of Christ we will walk in the power of God and the unconditional love of God.  The Supernatural Mind of Christ is the key to seeing revival come and be preserved for the next generation.

Fear Ended

When Jesus went to the cross and drew all of God's judgment to himself fear ended. Jesus did what we couldn't do. He made eternal life possible for everyone who believes. Learn how to live with an eternal life perspective in this powerful message from Pastor Brian. When you learn to live with an eternal life perspective now, you will...

Heavenly Wisdom

The Bible teaches about two kinds of wisdom.  One is a sensual, self-seeking earthly wisdom that is demonic, while the other is peaceable, willing to yield, and full of good fruits which comes from God.  Learn to discern between these two types of wisdom and how to apply heavenly wisdom to your life.

Economy Slavery Ended

The Bible teaches we were redeemed from the curse of poverty at the cross. In this powerful message, you will learn about having an economically blessed mindset! You will also learn what the Bible teaches about capitalism and socialism. While Jesus did believe in giving to the poor, He also rewarded stewardship, faithfulness, and productivity: principles of capitalism. Learn how...

Who’s Your Source?

Jesus warned his disciples of two types of leaven: the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod. The leaven of the Pharisees was legalism and the leaven of Herod was the political spirit. These two types of leaven contradict the Kingdom of Heaven and seek to hinder revival through fear. Learn how to see God as your source...

The Curse of Poverty Ended

Did you know the curse of poverty ended at the cross? Learn how you have been redeemed from poverty and how Jesus wants to make your finances flourish the same way He made the garden of Eden flourish.

The Political Spirit

In this powerful message, you will learn how the political spirit seeks to gain control through deception and manipulation. This spirit hinders revival because it takes our eyes off Jesus and puts them on ourselves. Jesus came to deliver us from the political spirit. He wants us to draw our worth and resources from Him and not others. When we...

The Curse of Sickness Ended

Did you know the curse of sickness ended at the cross? Learn how you have been redeemed from sickness and how to receive your healing in this message.