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Living by Faith

Faith In God’s Nature

Wednesday Message from March 18th: Many Christians struggle to receive the promises of God because they don’t understand His true nature. God is a perfect

Living by Faith

Faith Begins When The Will Of God Is Known

Sunday Message from March 22nd: In this powerful message Pastor Brian teaches that faith begins when we know God’s will. God has expressed His will

Living by Faith

Faith Paints A Picture

Wednesday Message from March 25th: In this message, Pastor Brian will teach you that we God wants to paint a picture of reality the way

Living by Faith

Faith Acts

Sunday Message from March 29th: The Bible teaches that faith without a corresponding action is dead.  TRUE FAITH ACTS!  Learn more in this powerful message!

Living by Faith

Words Change Our Heart

Wednesday Message from April 1st: The Bible teaches we will say what is in the overflow of our heart, either or good or bad. This

Living by Faith

Faith Steps

Wednesday Message from April 15th: The Bible teaches that true faith acts on what it believes. Learn how to step into the promises of God

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