A Group of Believers Chasing After Jesus With Passion

About Grace Life


We are a new church in the Triad started by a passionate group of believers who want to see local residents in the Triad come to a complete understanding of the unconditional love God has for them.

We are a spirit-filled group who believes in the full power of God's hand on this earth. We believe in all the gifts of the spirit talked about in the New Testament and early church.

Our sermons are grounded in the Word and will stretch your understanding of God. See, God isn't a fire-breathing iron fisted being who is up there keeping track of every wrong thing you do. He's a loving Father who came to this earth to die for you so that you might know him and experience eternal life. His love knows no ends and he wants to bless you during this life and the next.


“Everything we do is about revealing the character and nature of Jesus. He is the image of the invisible God.”


What We're Here to Do


We exist to help  you come into alignment with what God thinks about you. And we want you to understand how good he really is.

God does not cause bad things to happen in your life to teach you a lesson, as so many seem to think. In fact, not everything that happens is God's will. He is a loving Father who wants to take care of you, but through sin, a fallen world, and your own free-will, bad things can often happen. That isn't God's fault.

We're here to help you realize just how amazing He is and how He is a God worthy of your surrender. After all, wouldn't it be easy to give yourself over to a loving Father who's only mission is to love you?

From the stage, you'll hear this message taught in various ways each Sunday. Our mission is to help you fulfill God's will for your life, and the only way that's possible is for you to come to an understanding of who God really is.