Are Miracles For Today? Part 4

In part 4 of his series on why miracles are for today, Pastor Brian will explain why the miracles of the Bible had to be real and not just symbolic if our faith is going to be one that has the power to transform.

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Are Miracles For Today? Part 3

Overreaction to doctrinal error led many influential Christians to begin to teach that God no longer does miracles during the reformation. This overreaction to error led to a greater error. Learn more in this insightful article.

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Are Miracles For Today? Part 1

Mark 16:20 says God confirmed the word through signs and wonders. There is much debate today if that God only did this in the first century or if miracles are still for today? Learn more in part 1 of this insightful series on miracles.

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The Importance of Taking Air Superiority

Too often we engage in hand to hand combat with the enemy when we should reign the weapons of mass destruction on him in the form of prayer to weaken his defenses. Learn more about the importance of taking air superiority in this insightful article.

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The Key To Walking in Freedom

Freedom isn’t tha ability to do whatever we want. Freedom is the ability to do what is right. Learn more and learn the key walking in freedom in this powerful article.

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