What Is Jesus Praying Right Now?

Sometimes we get so busy in prayer making requests of God that we forget to ask, “What is Jesus praying for right now?” Have you ever thought about that? In this insightful article, Pastor Brian will answer that question.

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Case Dismissed!

In this article, Pastor Brian will teach you how the charges against you have been dropped and your case has been dismissed! Does that seem to good to be true? Does it sound shocking God isn’t charging you with sin even when you don’t do everything right. Give this a read. You’ll be blessed.

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What’s God Really Like?

In this article, Pastor Brian will teach you what God is really like. His true character and nature is better than any of us realize! Get ready to be blessed and to actually want to spend time with God!

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Living From Rest

Jesus walked in such pJesus has called us to rest in His finished work. Learn what this means and how to apply this truth to your life!

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Faith In Action

Jesus walked in such power it caused the Pharisees to ask Him where His authority came from. Do people ask you that question. If not, God is inviting you into a deeper encounter with His grace so you can live a life of excellence and power that reveals the authority of Jesus! Learn how that’s possible in this article.

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Building Margin

In this article, Pastor Brian will teach about the importance of having down time. Too many people try to squeeze 8 days of activities into a 7 day week. While this seems noble in some ways, being this busy can cause us to miss the voice of God.

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Don’t Think Like a Grasshopper!

God wanted the children of Israel to step into a promised land, but they did not because they saw themselves as grasshoppers. In this insightful article, Pastor Brian in will teach you how to see yourself the way God sees you so you can step into your promised land!

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Think Yourself Happy!

In this insightful article, Pastor Brian will teach you how happiness comes when we choose to think on positive things. He will show us from the scripture how we can think ourselves happy!

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