Why Satan Wants To Separate You!

Are you tired of the devil kicking your butt? I dare you to follow the advice in this article! In it Pastor Brian looks at one of Satan’s oldest tricks he uses to hinder the body of Christ!

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Ask The Holy Spirit To Reveal The Mystery To You!

Throughout scripture people would often bring natural problems to Jesus and He would often respond with spiritual answers. These answers were often mysteries to the hearers. Sometimes Jesus still does this to us today. When He does this we need to ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal the mystery to us so we can step into divine purpose! Learn more!

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Jesus Cancelled Cancel Culture!

Of all the strange and terrible stuff that has happened over the last year cancel culture may be the most demonic at its root. It absolutely demeans the value of human existence and eliminates the wonder of personal growth. Cancel culture says this is who you are, you can’t change, we’re done with you.Jesus came to cancel Cancel Culture! Learn more in this article!

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Loosing Heaven

Matthew 18:18 says whatever bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. There is a lot of teaching in the body of Christ about binding the devil, but how do we loose heaven? Learn more in this powerful article.

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Why I Believe In Jesus!

One of the unique things about Christianity is the evidence for the resurrection isn’t hidden. We can search it out to find out through biblical and secular history to find out if the things reported about Jesus are true. Learn more in this insightful article.

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What Is The Gospel?

It’s the Easter Season so Pastor Brian is republishing one of his favorite blogs about what the true gospel is. A great picture of the true gospel is illustrated in the healing of Malchus. Who was Malchus? What is the gospel? Learn more!

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Tasting God’s Goodness!

God has called to a place where we experience more than an intellectual knowledge of Him. He wants to experience Him and taste of His goodness now.Learn more in this powerful article.

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A Tale Between Two Covenants

Many Christians live in a tale between two covenants and are caught in the middle! This mixture of the old and new keeps them from enjoying their freedom and causes them to live in bondage. Learn how to be set free in this article!

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