There Is More

Have you ever asked, Is this all there is to life? Or is there more? We have good news. There is more! A lot more! Find out more in this article.

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What Is God Like?

Have you ever wondered what God is like? Is he the God who forgave the woman caught in adultery or the God who commanded the children of Israel to kill a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath? Learn about the true nature of God in this article!

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Spiritual Graffiti

In this article Pastor Brian will teach you how to erase the spiritual graffiti that Satan is attempting to write all over all over masterpiece of your life.

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Defeating Worry

Psychologists tell us that 90% of the things people worry about never come true. How crazy is it that many of us spend vast amounts of our lives worrying about things we can’t control and most of them don’t happen anyway? Learn how to defeat worry in this article!

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Is Tithing For Today?

One of the most controversial topics in the body of Christ is whether Christians should tithe today. Learn more in this insightful article.

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