Preparing For Battle – Updated for 2020

I am republishing the teaching from last year on preparation because I believe the Lord is speaking to our church corporately for increase. These words were confirmed through the prophetic words of Marcus Wick on January 26th. If you are interested in joining Grace Life Church and/or getting involved in the ministry in areas such as Worship, Audio Visual, Children’s Ministry, Hospitality, and so on, there is a link in this article about how to get involved. Also, there is a link to Marcus’s teaching from January 26th in the article.

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Grace Opens the Kingdom

Jesus said the Pharisees traveled land and sea to win one convert and then turned that person into twice the child of hell as they were! Legalism shuts up the kingdom of heaven against men! This makes it incumbent on us to find out what legalism is and how to walk in grace. Grace opens the kingdom of heaven!

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Hearing From The Mercy Seat!

Our expectation of what someone is going to say will actually filter what we hear. Think about it, how many times have you been in a conversation and responded to what you thought someone was going to say instead of what they said? If this is true with people, how much more true is it with the invisible God? God speaks from the mercy seat today! Learn to change your filter to better hear His voice!

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What Was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?

Have you ever had a problem that God didn’t seem to take away and you wondered if you had Paul’s thorn in the flesh? If so, give this article a read as Pastor Brian teaches what Paul’s thorn in the flesh really was. The truth is probably not what you have been taught!

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The Power To Decree

God’s will for our lives isn’t automatic! It doesn’t come to pass until we say what He is saying! Learn about the power to decree in this article!

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A New Approach To New Year’s Resolutions

The myth of the New Years resolution is that our commitment and resolve help us to bring change in our lives! The problem is 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail! We need a different approach! Learn about a different approach to New Year’s Resolutions in this article!

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