Is God’s Will Automatic?

Many of us are experiencing challenges in our lives and wondering what God is doing. The truth is God is wondering what we are doing because we aren’t speaking His promises. He wants to get involved and bring change in our lives, however, He can only do that when we pray! Learn more!

The Power of Laughter

Laughter often proceeds the breakthrough. We have to learn to relax and laugh because the kingdom of heaven isn’t stress, anxiety, and striving. It is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Be Violently Resolved!

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, but the violent take it by force. Learn how to be violently resolved to take the promises of God!

Help Us Cross The Finish Line!

Learn how you can be part of a miraculous move of God that is changing a region! Don’t sit on the sidelines; help us finish the race!

Do I Have To Forgive In Order To Be Forgiven?

If we are all honest, sometimes the Bible can be confusing. One verse says we are saved by putting faith in God’s grace and not of works, and then in another verse Jesus would tell people if you don’t forgive your Father in heaven will not forgive you. To the person who thinks when they read, that sounds like a contradiction. Learn how these two scriptures harmonize in this insightful article!

Poetry Slam, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and The Issue of Honor

Honor celebrates who a person is, without stumbling over who they are not. Honor sees a person as God sees them; as royalty. A person of honor does this for those who behave honorably or dishonorably because the person of honor draws their honor from God, not their status in the world.

What Is God Like?

Have you ever wondered what God is like? Is he the God who forgave the woman caught in adultery or the God who commanded the children of Israel to kill a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath? Learn about the true nature of God in this article!

Is Revival Random?

The Bible teaches we have to endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit. Endeavor means to work out. Unity isn’t automatic. It takes effort, however, the payoff to unity is a sustained move of God. According to Psalms 133,”When brethren dwell together in unity, God commands the blessing.”

The Power of No

When we say yes to the wrong things, we are saying no to God’s best for us. Saying no to the wrong is a key to seeing the power of God flow in our life!

Our Hidden Enemy

The famous Chinese general and military strategist, Sun Tzu, said, “All warfare is based on deception.” One of Satan’s greatest tactics is to get us to fight the wrong enemy. Learn more!