Never Run At A Giant With Your Mouth Closed!

What do you do when problems talk to you? Do you talk back? In this powerful article Pastor Brian will teach you to NEVER RUN AT A GIANT WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!

Speaking the word of God is the key to walking in His promises!

Do I Have Enough Faith?

Many people know God will answer the prayers of those who believe, but then wonder if they have enough faith to receive. If this sounds familiar, Pastor Brian has good news for you! Check out this article to learn more.

The Testimony of Grace

In this article, Pastor Brian will share how the testimony of grace is unexplainable to the religious mind. Prepare to establish your heart in grace so you can grow into the fulness of Christ.

The Adoption of Sons

Ephesians 1:5 shares one of the most startling and encouraging promises in the Bible. God wanted us so much, He chose to adopt us into His family. Learn how much God desires you and wants to bless you in this encouraging article.

Believe For Increase

As many of you know, 2020 looks like a bad to time to expand. As of the writing, COVID-19 is raging, governments are issuing mandatory stay at home orders, business restrictions, face mask mandates which is causing many businesses to lay off or shut down and fear is rampant. Natural circumstances don’t look good! We aren’t called to live by circumstances, however, we are called to live by faith. Learn how to live by faith and believe for increase in the midst of challenging circumstances in this article.

Does Grace Give Us A License To Sin?

One of the biggest criticisms of the gospel of grace comes from those who say teaching people extreme grace gives people a license to sin. I would agree with that, but then I’d be wrong too 🙂 Learn how grace gives us a license to live righteously in this powerful article.

At Least We Didn’t Elect Nero!

Let’s keep the election of 2020 in perspective; the church of Jesus can thrive no matter who is elected as president because we serve a superior king. Our king wants us to honor our leaders and pray for them whether we agree with their politics or not. When we do this, we empower our king to bring His agenda to the earth.