What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

In this article, Pastor Brian will give you teach you a key insight about how to remove stress from your life when you are believing for a breakthrough. Sometimes it’s important to ask, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Did God Allow The Corona Virus?

Satan is the father of lies and he loves to lie about our Heavenly Father. One of the biggest lies he is telling about our Father is that God allowed the Corona Virus to teach people something. Learn more in this article.

Don’t Get Cheated!

Did you know many Christians have been cheated out of the kingdom of God? Learn more in this powerful article!

Healing Scriptures

The Corona Virus is true, but God’s will to heal is a greater truth! Put these verses in your mind and heart and walk in divine health! We love you and are praying for you!

Love Story

Hosea 3:5 teaches that a day is coming that people will fear the Lord for His goodness! Learn more about this radical notion in this article.

The Gate of Heaven

Gates are transitional places that allow passage between realms. The Bible teaches Christians are a gate; a transitional place where heaven meets earth. When we understand this, it will impact how we do life! Get ready to be encouraged.

Preparing For Battle – Updated for 2020

I am republishing the teaching from last year on preparation because I believe the Lord is speaking to our church corporately for increase. These words were confirmed through the prophetic words of Marcus Wick on January 26th. If you are interested in joining Grace Life Church and/or getting involved in the ministry in areas such as Worship, Audio Visual, Children’s Ministry, Hospitality, and so on, there is a link in this article about how to get involved. Also, there is a link to Marcus’s teaching from January 26th in the article.