Building Godly Strongholds

We must intentionally prepare our heart to seek God, otherwise we will do evil whether we want to or not. That begs the question: How do I prepare my heart to seek God? Learn more in this article.

The Significance of Pentecost

This Sunday May 31st is Pentecost. Grace Life Church is joining many churches around the nation and re-opening our doors and beginning to gather and worship Jesus. I’m not sure what to expect, but I don’t believe it is a coincidence we are re-opening on Pentecost. Learn about the planning God put into the first Pentecost and raise your expectancy for what He is doing this year.

Ministry of Miracles

We need the miraculous power of God in our lives to see the healing of our nation. This power will be released as we develop the mind of Christ. Learn about how to walk in the miraculous power of God in this powerful article.

A Picture of Covenant

Jesus often told stories to illustrate and solidify doctrinal truths. God wants to give you a picture of the new covenant that will cause you to rest in His love for you. Learn more in this powerful article.

7 Things To Pray On The National Day Of Prayer

We all know Jesus was a man of prayer. Often between His times of public ministry of preaching and performing miracles, He would go off by Himself and pray all night. The reason He was so successful in public ministry when everyone was watching, was because He was successful in praying and decreeing God’s promises when no one was watching!

Overcoming The Political Spirit

The political spirit seeks to gain control through fear and manipulation to promote the agendas of deceptive people. Learn how to overcome this spirit by finding out who you are in Christ in this powerful article.