Building Margin

In this article, Pastor Brian will teach about the importance of having down time. Too many people try to squeeze 8 days of activities into a 7 day week. While this seems noble in some ways, being this busy can cause us to miss the voice of God.

Don’t Think Like a Grasshopper!

God wanted the children of Israel to step into a promised land, but they did not because they saw themselves as grasshoppers. In this insightful article, Pastor Brian in will teach you how to see yourself the way God sees you so you can step into your promised land!

Think Yourself Happy!

In this insightful article, Pastor Brian will teach you how happiness comes when we choose to think on positive things. He will show us from the scripture how we can think ourselves happy!

How Do I Seek First The Kingdom of God?

We all know we are supposed to seek first the kingdom of God. This sounds super spiritual, but its a bit of an abstract concept. In this article, Pastor Brian will teach you how to practically seek first the kingdom of God.

Stay In Your Lane

Multi-tasking is often synonymous with doing multiple things poorly. Multiplied power is released in our lives when we focus on the right things. This maximizes our productivity and best enables us to serve the world around us. Learn more in this article.

Unity Is Not Uniformity

Many Christians confuse the spirit of unity which we are called to walk in with uniformity, which means we are all the same. Learn how to walk in unity with others who are different than you in this powerful article.

Faith Is Spelled RISK

The message of God, which is about His kingdom (His rulership and dominion), comes with power! God wants us to do what feels risky and step out by faith and believe for miracles, signs, and wonders when we share our faith! Learn more in this article!

Grace and Sonship

We are saved by grace, not good works, yet we are saved for good works. What an interesting paradox! Learn more about this apparent contradiction so you can grow in spiritual maturity in this article!