God’s Will Is For You To Pray

The Bible teaches that God’s will is for everyone to pray. As obey the general will of God, prayer, we begin to pick up the Lord’s heartbeat about specific matters in our lives we need direction on like which career to choose or who to marry. Learn about the power of prayer in this insightful article.

What Is God’s Perfect Plan For My Life?

Being thankful is God’s perfect plan for our lives and is also a key ingredient to hearing the voice of God. Learn how having a thankful heart will position you to hear God’s voice about your career, marriage, and other matters concerning your destiny.

God’s Will For Your Life Is Your Sexual Purity

In my experience as we are learn and obey the things the scripture is clear about, many of the things that we can’t get a specific scriptural reference for such as the career we are called to become clear.

In this article, you will will learn how walking in the known will of God, sexual purity, will enable you to walk in the unknown will of God, your specific destiny.

What Is God’s Will For My Life?

What is God’s will for my life? This is one of the most prevalent questions people ask me as a minister. This is because there is something innate inside of all of us that knows we were made for a divine purpose, we often just struggle to know what that purpose is.

Learn how to how to find God’s will for your life in this article.

Building Godly Strongholds

We must intentionally prepare our heart to seek God, otherwise we will do evil whether we want to or not. That begs the question: How do I prepare my heart to seek God? Learn more in this article.

The Path To Freedom

Truth alone doesn’t set free. If it did, we’d all be free. It’s the truth we know and continue in that sets us free! Learn how to walk in the path to freedom in this powerful article!

Stolen Identity

Satan’s greatest crime against humanity is identity theft. Learn how Jesus came to restore your identity as a son and daughter created in His image!

Going Deeper

Many are asking the question, “God what are you doing right now?” Learn how God is taking us into deeper dimensions of Him as we move forward in 2020. In this article, Pastor Brian will explain what the two specific dimensions are! Get ready to grow!