What’s In Your Hand?

We have experienced one of the most exciting times in the history of Grace Life Church today as we recently completed the expansion of our building. With that thought in mind, I wanted to republish this article about blessing the little that is in your hand so God can multiply it and bring miraculous provision! The power of words are a major key to why we are getting this building. And the good news is it’s not magic. The principles included in this article will work for you too! This expansion was miraculous!

How To Deal With Rejection

Do you struggle with the fear of rejection? Have you been hurt by people in the past and tend to withdraw. If so, I have good news! Jesus is the answer!

There Is More

Have you ever asked, Is this all there is to life? Or is there more? We have good news. There is more! A lot more! Find out more in this article.

The Root Of All Temptation

ook, but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t taste. Taste, but don’t enjoy. Sound familiar? Maybe your forbidden fruit isn’t hanging from a tree in the garden of Eden, but if you are reading this, you are probably tempted by something. One of the biggest frustrations Christians face is trying to overcome temptation. We want to do right, but we keep slipping up and failing. We keep doing the wrong behavior. Try and try as we might, we just can’t seem to get it right. Why? Learn how to overcome temptation in this article.

What Is God Like?

Have you ever wondered what God is like? Is he the God who forgave the woman caught in adultery or the God who commanded the children of Israel to kill a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath? Learn about the true nature of God in this article!

Let’s Go On A Treasure Hunt

Learn more about what treasure has to do with your identity in Christ in this powerful blog by guest minister, Tonya McKinley.

Spiritual Graffiti

In this article Pastor Brian will teach you how to erase the spiritual graffiti that Satan is attempting to write all over all over masterpiece of your life.