Out of Sequence with God

Many people miss God’s will for their lives because they get our of sequence with God. Learn more in this important article.

You Can’t Steer A Parked Car

It’s impossible to steer a parked car. The only way to provide direction is when we put the vehicle in gear and get in motion. Our life is that way too. Many people never find the plan of God for their lives because they never take a step of faith. Learn more in this powerful article.

Faith and Doubt

Many people struggle with their faith because they wonder if they have too much doubt. Learn how Jesus ministers to us when our faith waivers in this insightful article.

The Lord Is There

One of the biggest misconceptions many Christians have is that God withdraws His tangible presence from our lives because of our sin or for some other mysterious reason that we cannot explain. Learn how the Lord is ALWAYS THERE in this article.

The Lord Our Righteousness

In this article, Pastor Brian, will teach you about one of the biggest counterfeits in Christian circles today. It’s extremely seductive because it appears so close to the truth. Check out this article to find out more.

The Lord Is Our Shepherd

Have you ever felt abandoned, unloved, and uncared for? If so, God wants to give you a revelation of Him as The Lord Your Shepherd. Learn more in this article.

The Testimony of Grace

In this article, Pastor Brian will share how the testimony of grace is unexplainable to the religious mind. Prepare to establish your heart in grace so you can grow into the fulness of Christ.

The Adoption of Sons

Ephesians 1:5 shares one of the most startling and encouraging promises in the Bible. God wanted us so much, He chose to adopt us into His family. Learn how much God desires you and wants to bless you in this encouraging article.

New Life in Christ

After Lazarus was resurrected, the next time we see him is seated in the presence of Jesus being served. This picture illustrates our position of being seated in heavenly places with Christ. Learn more in this powerful article!