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Fishers of Men

Why Be A Disciple?

Sunday September 3rd: There are many benefits to being a disciple of Jesus, but nothing is greater than coming alive when He speaks. Learn more

Fishers of Men

The Real Mission of the Church

Sunday September 10th: The real mission of the church is to make devoted followers of Jesus, not just converts. Learn more in this insightful message.

Fishers of Men

How To Build Healthy Relationships

Sunday September 17th: Learn how to initiate and develop healthy relationships as Pastor Brian continues his series on discipleship. Listen To The Audio:

Fishers of Men

Training the Disciples

Sunday September 24th: Jesus made the theoretical practical and made the theological experiential. Learn more in this encouraging message as we discover how Jesus trained

Fishers of Men

Inspiring Courage

Sunday October 1st: In this insightful message, Pastor Brian will show you how Jesus inspired courage in His disciples. You will learn how live in

Fishers of Men

The Power of Prayer

Sunday October 8th: In this insightful message, Pastor Brian will teach you what Jesus prayed for his disciples when they were attacked by the devil.

Fishers of Men

Lessons From Three Disciples

Sunday October 15th: In this insightful message, Pastor Brian will share important lessons from the lives of Judas, Peter, and John. Your life will be

Fishers of Men

God Is Not A Child Abuser

Sunday Service From October 22nd: God is a perfect Father and not a child abuser, however, there are times He will have us serve under

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