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1st Thessalonians

Resounding Faith

Wednesday Service From September 21st: In this important message Pastor Brian will minister on the founding of the church in Thessalonica. This church began under

1st Thessalonians

Hallmarks of a True Minister

Wednesday Service From September 28th: Have you ever wondered if a minister was truly called by God? Join us for our Wednesday evening service as

1st Thessalonians

Established in Faith

Wednesday Service From October 5th: Join us for this powerful message as Pastor Brian will teach through 1st Thessalonians 3. He will examine why the Apostle

1st Thessalonians

The Great Tribulation

Wednesday Service From October 12th: Join us for this powerful message as Pastor Brian teaches about what Jesus said and meant in the Olivet Discourse

1st Thessalonians

God’s Will Is Sexual Purity

Wednesday Service From October 19th: Join us for this important message as Pastor Brian teaches through 1 Thessalonians 4 about how God’s will for our

1st Thessalonians

The Return of the Lord

Wednesday Service From October 26th: In this insightful message Pastor Brian will minister on different theological perspectives about the return of Jesus and give practical

1st Thessalonians

Testing Prophecy

Wednesday Service From November 2nd: The Bible teaches that we should all prophecy, however, this doesn’t mean we should all accept every prophetic word we

1st Thessalonians

Spirit, Soul, and Body

Wednesday Service From November 9th: One of the most game changing truths in scripture is the revelation of Spirit, Soul, and Body. In this message,

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