Past Series

Keep Your Confession

What do we do when circumstances don’t look good and it’s tempting to quit and go back into the ways of the world?  We keep our confession!  Our faith will follow our confession. Learn more in this insightful message!

How To Make Decisions?

There are some questions the Bible doesn’t give specific answers about such as which job should I take or which house should I buy? In this powerful message, Pastor Brian will teach you godly principles about how to make good decisions about the matters of life.

Laying Hold of Eternal Life

Eternal life is partly about going to heave one day, but it is also about doing life now in the fullest sense. In this insightful message, Pastor Brian will teach you about eternal life and how lay hold of it by putting God and His kingdom first.

Reconciling Differences

One of the greatest revival killers in history is when Christians make spiritual laws out of their personal principles. In this powerful message you how to receive God’s grace and extend it to others so you can learn to reconcile differences with other believers.

Clothed With Christ

In Romans 13, the Apostle Paul tells us to put off the works of darkness and clothe ourself with Christ. Learn what this means and how to do this in this powerful message.

God and Money

Many have been taught that money is the root of all evil. This isn’t true as 1 Timothy 6:10 says the love of money (our attitude toward it) is the root of all evil. Learn how to have a healthy attitude toward God and money in this insightful message.

Bringing God’s Kingdom To Earth

In Romans 13, the Apostle Paul tells us to be subject to governing authorities…..even ungodly ones. How do we do this? We draw our strength from Jesus and live from heaven toward earth so we set up God’s kingdom in the face of ungodly government. Learn more in this powerful message!

Stop Disqualifying Yourself

Join us for a powerful night of worship and the word as Herbert Johnson ministers a powerful message of encouragement at Grace Life Church.

Counter Culture

Jesus was the greatest revolutionary of all time who brought a new culture of love and grace to earth to counter this world’s culture of fear and hate. Learn how to follow Christ and bring heaven to earth in your sphere of influence.

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