Past Series

Women in Ministry

In 1 Timothy 2:12, the Apostle Paul said he didn’t permit women to teach, but numerous other scriptures talk about female prophets and evangelists in a positive light. How does all this reconcile and what is a woman’s place in ministry? Learn more in this insightful message.


When people reject the grace of God, He will give them over to a spirit of slumber until the appropriate time for Him to reawaken them. Learn more about awakening in this powerful message.

Taking Air Superiority

In this powerful message you will learn how prayer gives us air superiority over the forces of the devil. When we take air superiority, we make it possible for the gospel to go forth so people can be transformed.

What Opens Heaven?

Hypocrisy, legalism, and religious traditions close the windows of heaven in our lives. This leads to an important question? What opens heaven in our lives? Learn more in this powerful message.

Keep it Simple

Leadership can be complex, which is why we must be intentional about keeping it simple by keeping the main thing the main thing. Learn more about leadership and Paul’s advice to Timothy in this powerful message.

We Are Not Alone

One of the greatest lies of the devil is to get us to believe are alone in whatever situation we are dealing with so we choose to isolate. Learn how God reserves help for us in our time of need through the election of grace in this encouraging message.

The Importance of Discipleship

In 1 Timothy 1:2, the Apostle Paul called Timothy a true son in the faith. Timothy was a true son because Paul poured his life into Timothy and mentored him in the things of God. Learn more about Paul and Timothy and learn how to disciple others as Pastor Brian continues his series on 1st Timothy.

Provoked to Jealousy

In this powerful message, Pastor Brian will teach you about God’s radical pursuit to bring you to faith. He’ll draw with His wooing or provoke you to jealousy if need be. Learn more.


Join us for a powerful night of worship and the word as Pastor Brian begins a series on 1st Timothy and teaches about how God imparted a spiritual gift to Timothy through the laying on of hands by the Apostle Paul. In this message you’ll learn more about impartation and receive gifts from the Holy Spirit.

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