Past Series

The Spirit of Unity

Sunday Message from June 7th: In this powerful service, Pastor Brian will teach about how one of the primary manifestations of the Holy Spirit is

Declare The Decree

Wednesday Service From June 3rd: God’s will is forever settled in heaven. It doesn’t get settled in the earth, however, until God’s people declare His

The Church Was Born In Revival

Sunday Message from May 31st: Revival means to breathe life into something and cause it to increase. In this message, Pastor Brian will examine how

Revival Begins With Unity

Wednesday Message from May 27th: In this message Pastor Brian will look at the importance of unity in revival. Unity has been the key element

Depression Ended

Sunday Message from May 24th: In this powerful message, Pastor Brian will teach you how the right of depression to rule our lives ended at

The Supernatural Mind of Christ

Wednesday Message from May 20th: When we have the Supernatural Mind of Christ we will walk in the power of God and the unconditional love

Fear Ended

Sunday Message from May 17th: When Jesus went to the cross and drew all of God’s judgment to himself fear ended. Jesus did what we

Heavenly Wisdom

Wednesday Message from May 13th: The Bible teaches about two kinds of wisdom.  One is a sensual, self-seeking earthly wisdom that is demonic, while the

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