The Lord Our Peace

Godly peace doesn’t come because of an absence of problems. Godly peace comes from a relationship with Jesus in the midst of problems. Learn how the Lord is our Peace in this powerful article.

The Lord Is My Banner

When a team displays a championship banner it is a sign of victory. The Lord revealed Himself as The Lord our Banner because He wants to give us victory in every situation! Learn more in this insightful article!

The Lord Our Healer

God revealed Himself to to the children of Israel as Jehovah Rapha, which means the Lord our Healer. Learn more about knowing God as your healer in this insightful article.

The Lord Our Provider

God revealed Himself to Abraham as the Jehovah-Jireh, which means the Lord our Provider. Learn more about knowing God as your provider in this insightful article.

Knowing God

Did you know that when Jesus talked about eternal life, He didn’t mention going to heaven. Jesus described eternal life as knowing God. Learn more in this insightful article.

Spirit, Soul, and Body

One of the most game changing truths in scripture is the revelation of Spirit, Soul, and Body. This has changed my life about us much as anything other than a revelation of the love of God. I wrote this article to help you learn more about who you are in Christ and how to access what God has made available to you.

Do We Lose Our Salvation If We Sin Willfully?

Hebrews 10 says if we sin willfully after accepting Jesus there is no more sacrifice for sins and there is a certain expectation of judgment. Does this mean we lose our salvation every time we sin? Learn more in this insightful article.

Jesus’s Ceiling Is Our Floor

John 14:12 is one of the wildest promises in the Bible. It says we are supposed to do greater works than Jesus did because He went to the Father. This means His ceiling is supposed to be our floor. Learn more in this insightful article.

You Are What You Think

The Bible teaches that our lives will follow our dominant thoughts. It can be easy to think thoughts of faith when everything is going our way, but how do control our thoughts in the middle of a storm. Learn more in this insightful article.

Relax and Experience God!

Have you ever been told to press in to God? When you did, did you ever sense His presence? If you are like most Christians, you probably did not! Have you ever wondered why? If so, give this article a read! The key to enjoying the presence of God is learning to relax and experience God!