Building From Rest

Building from rest …. Sounds like an oxymoron, right?  Did you know that is what God has called all of us to do?  God wants you to build your life from a place of rest. A great example of this is the building of the temple discussed in 1 Chronicles 22.  God had blessed David tremendously and given him a … Read More

How God Transformed Rebellion – A Christmas Story

Did you know that God left heaven and moved into rebellion? Does this sound over the top? Does this sound sacrilegious? Well, its true. Just give me a few more paragraphs to explain myself before you call me a heretic ? Almost everyone reading this article knows that 2,000 years ago the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. Almost no … Read More

What’s In Your Hand?

We are experiencing one of the most exciting days in the history of Grace Life Church today as we sign the contract on our new building. With that thought in mind, I wanted to republish this article about blessing the little that is in your hand so God can multiply it and bring miraculous provision! The power of words are a major key to why we are getting this building. And the good news is it’s not magic. The principles included in this article will work for you too!

How To Deal With Rejection

While the holidays can be a joyous time with friends and family for some, for others Thanksgiving and Christmas can be some of the saddest and most depressing times of the year. Why? Rejection. The rejection many face from family and friends that leaves them feeling alone. Alone, even at a Thanksgiving dinner table surrounded by people. Alone, when they … Read More

There Is More

Have you ever asked if all there is to Christianity is getting saved, going to church, reading my Bible, and try to avoid sin? Is this it or is there more? I’ve got good news. There is more. A lot more. Before I can provide the answer to what more is, let me ask another question. Have you ever asked … Read More

Seeing Him Who Is Invisible

Next Tuesday is election day. It’s an important day, but before you vote I want to both challenge and encourage you with an important thought: This election will not decide the fate of our nation. Sound different? It’s true. Let me explain. Hebrews 11:27  27 For he endured as seeing Him who is invisible. You ask, what does this have to … Read More

Seeing Backwards

Meet John. John is a Christian who loves Jesus with all of his heart. He goes to church, reads his Bible every day, and prays regularly. John wants to honor God in all he does, but he has a major problem. He’s addicted to pornography. He hates the fact he likes watching it. He’s read the Bible and knows it’s … Read More