Stolen Identity

Satan’s greatest crime against humanity is identity theft. Learn how Jesus came to restore your identity as a son and daughter created in His image!

Knowing God

Did you know that when Jesus talked about eternal life, He didn’t mention going to heaven. Jesus described eternal life as knowing God. Learn more in this insightful article.

Spirit, Soul, and Body

One of the most game changing truths in scripture is the revelation of Spirit, Soul, and Body. This has changed my life about us much as anything other than a revelation of the love of God. I wrote this article to help you learn more about who you are in Christ and how to access what God has made available to you.

Jesus’s Ceiling Is Our Floor

John 14:12 is one of the wildest promises in the Bible. It says we are supposed to do greater works than Jesus did because He went to the Father. This means His ceiling is supposed to be our floor. Learn more in this insightful article.


True faith has expectation! Learn more in this article by Tonya McKinley.

The Key To Following Jesus

Have you ever asked wondered what they key is to following Jesus successfully. The answer is denying self, which can only be done when we get a revelation of the divine entanglement. Learn more in this article by Pastor Brian.

Redefining Greatness

Many Christians believe it is wrong to want to be great, however, Jesus wants us to want to be great. He just wants us to want to be great on His terms. In this powerful article, Pastor Brian will teach you how Jesus redefined greatness.

The Power of a Name

The Bible says Jesus has the name above all names. It also says, He has given us His name. What does this mean? Learn more about the power of a name in this article!