The Key To Following Jesus

Have you ever asked wondered what they key is to following Jesus successfully. The answer is denying self, which can only be done when we get a revelation of the divine entanglement. Learn more in this article by Pastor Brian.

What Is Jesus Praying Right Now?

Sometimes we get so busy in prayer making requests of God that we forget to ask, “What is Jesus praying for right now?” Have you ever thought about that? In this insightful article, Pastor Brian will answer that question.

What’s God Really Like?

In this article, Pastor Brian will teach you what God is really like. His true character and nature is better than any of us realize! Get ready to be blessed and to actually want to spend time with God!

Don’t Think Like a Grasshopper!

God wanted the children of Israel to step into a promised land, but they did not because they saw themselves as grasshoppers. In this insightful article, Pastor Brian in will teach you how to see yourself the way God sees you so you can step into your promised land!

Jesus Cancelled Cancel Culture!

Of all the strange and terrible stuff that has happened over the last year cancel culture may be the most demonic at its root. It absolutely demeans the value of human existence and eliminates the wonder of personal growth. Cancel culture says this is who you are, you can’t change, we’re done with you.

Jesus came to cancel Cancel Culture! Learn more in this article!

Why I Believe In Jesus!

One of the unique things about Christianity is the evidence for the resurrection isn’t hidden. We can search it out to find out through biblical and secular history to find out if the things reported about Jesus are true. Learn more in this insightful article.