Our Story

Our Story How Grace Life Started:   Brian and Ashley Clark met in the summer of 2006 and were married in May of 2007. During their courtship, they discussed their desire to pursue God and experience His supernatural power in their lives. After marriage, they were both unsure of God’s plan for their lives, but knew it was more than … Read More

What Was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?

Have you ever had a problem that God didn’t seem to take away and you wondered if you had Paul’s thorn in the flesh? If so, give this article a read as Pastor Brian teaches what Paul’s thorn in the flesh really was. The truth is probably not what you have been taught!

Increase Our Faith!

In this powerful article, Pastor Brian will teach you how faith is our servant that was designed to bring the promises of God to pass in our lives! Learn how to put your faith to work in this powerful article!

Never Run At A Giant With Your Mouth Closed!

What do you do when problems talk to you? Do you talk back? In this powerful article Pastor Brian will teach you to NEVER RUN AT A GIANT WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!

Speaking the word of God is the key to walking in His promises!

Guest Speaker – Alex McFarland

October 18th – 8:30am, 10:30amAlex McFarlandSpecial Guest Speaker Join us on Sunday October 18th as Alex McFarland speaks on his latest book, Assault on America. America has suffered some big losses—eroding morals, a Godless culture, and a declining national spirit. These losses have corrupted the very fabric of our once-stalwart nation, coalescing into social and political overthrow with anarchy raging … Read More

Stolen Identity

Satan’s greatest crime against humanity is identity theft. Learn how Jesus came to restore your identity as a son and daughter created in His image!

Did God Allow The Corona Virus?

Satan is the father of lies and he loves to lie about our Heavenly Father. One of the biggest lies he is telling about our Father is that God allowed the Corona Virus to teach people something. Learn more in this article.