Is Revival Random?

Is revival just a random act of God or is there anything we can do to facilitate revival? The good news is there is something we can do. Learn more.

Revival To Reformation

In this article, Pastor Brian will teach you how we need a revival to lead to institutional reformation to see long term change in America.

Are You Prepared For Revival?

In a year where we’ve experienced a pandemic, rioting, political chaos, and cultural challenges unlike any we have ever seen, there is a cry in the church for revival. With that said, I have a question. Are you prepared for a revival? I didn’t ask if you want it, I asked if you are prepared? God wants to send revival more than we want it, but we must prepare ourselves!

Is Revival Random?

The Bible teaches we have to endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit. Endeavor means to work out. Unity isn’t automatic. It takes effort, however, the payoff to unity is a sustained move of God. According to Psalms 133,”When brethren dwell together in unity, God commands the blessing.”

Is Revival Random?

Have you ever wondered what causes revivals to occur? Is revival simply a random act that happens periodically when God gets in a revival mood or is there something we can do as Christians to bring revivals to pass? I’m starting this article with the premise that God always wants revival because it doesn’t seem consistent with His nature that … Read More

The Key To Overcoming Persecution

In this article Pastor Brian will teach you an important key to overcoming persecution so you can stay encouraged and receive from God. The good news is we have the victory!!! We just have to learn to fight God’s way!

Unity Is Not Uniformity

Many Christians confuse the spirit of unity which we are called to walk in with uniformity, which means we are all the same. Learn how to walk in unity with others who are different than you in this powerful article.