Ask The Holy Spirit To Reveal The Mystery To You!

As I’ve read through the gospel of John recently I’ve been impressed with how Jesus always introduced a new reality into a person’s situation. These realities often began as mysteries. I believe this still happens today which is why we need to engage the Holy Spirit in our study of scripture so we can grow. Let’s look at three examples:

John 8 – The Woman caught in adultery. The law said to stone her, but Jesus introduced the Pharisees to the concept they didn’t keep the law either so they needed to release her. The woman met the grace of God (Jesus) and declared him Lord. God’s Lordship over her was unmerited favor! That’s completely opposite of how the natural mind thinks, but it the reality God wants us to step into today.

In John 3, Jesus is talking to Nicodemus about being born again. Nicodemus tried to understand being born again naturally….He asked, “How am I, a grown man, gonna crawl back up into my mother’s womb????” The whole time Nicodemus tried understand being born again naturally, Jesus was talking about being born again spiritually. Jesus introduced the invisible realm called the spirit! Although Nicodemus never understood it, John recorded the concept of being born again from spiritually for our benefit. As we renew our minds to that reality, it works itself to every part of our lives.

In John 6 Jesus said “Eat my flesh and drink my blood.” The Jews heard this on a natural level and thought Jesus was referring to cannibalism. This isn’t what Jesus meant at all. Jesus revealed himself as our passover lamb. He said we must partake of all of him in order to be saved. While the Jews thought on a natural level, Jesus communicated a completely different reality. When He said to eat my flesh and drink my blood, He wanted the Jews to partake of Him! This is why the passover meal is called communion. It is a celebration of oneness and intimacy with God. This is why 1 John 4:17 says As He is, So Are We! This is the reality God wants us to walk in today.

I picked these three examples, but there are so many more. I hope this is an encouragement the next time you feel like God is saying something to you and you don’t understand it. Dig a little deeper. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the mystery to you. The answer is at a spiritual level, not just a natural level. When you see the truth Jesus is wanting to communicate to you, you will see with His eyes and it will change your circumstances and help you walk in His reality for your life!

If you’d like to learn more about pursuing God in mystery, check out this message I taught at Grace Life Church.

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