Seeing Him Who Is Invisible

Next Tuesday is election day. It’s an important day, but before you vote I want to both challenge and encourage you with an important thought:

This election will not decide the fate of our nation. Sound different? It’s true. Let me explain.

Hebrews 11:27  27 For he endured as seeing Him who is invisible.

You ask, what does this have to do with the election? Good question. Keep reading.

Think about this verse. It’s profound! It says Moses saw Him who is invisible. How do you do that? How can you see someone who is invisible?

Before I answer how you see someone who invisible, let me first make this point. The Bible says it’s possible. It can be done. This means there is an unseen world out there that most folks never see.

God often uses visible things to teach us deeper spiritual invisible truths.  Romans says the creation declares the glory of God!  Paul even wrote to Corinthians and said, first the visible, then spiritual.

The reason I bring up the invisible truths of God’s kingdom while writing about our very visible election is most people are stuck on the visible things they see. Almost everyone I know talks about our nation’s toxic political environment and the sharp political disagreements on trade, racism, immigration, Supreme Court nominee’s and so on. Many people see those of a different political persuasion as the enemy that must be destroyed at all costs. They think, if we could just get our guys in, then things would be different.

This leads to statements like, “The fate of our nation depends on this election” and “our nation will be lost if we don’t win this election.” Statements like these are being made by both political parties.

If you are reading this, I want you to get informed and vote. Vote in the line with the Bible. But here’s the deal, our nation’s fate doesn’t hinge on this election no matter who wins. During Paul and Peter’s day, Rome had some of the most evil leaders ever. People like Nero and Caligula who were cruel, caught up in sexual perversion,and persecuted Christians. In spite of that, the church grew at an unprecedented rate. The early church reached the known world in one generation without the help of television, the internet or social media. They did this with intense political persecution!

Our nation’s fate isn’t built on the visible; it’s built on the invisible. The visible problems we now see are the result of invisible spiritual problems that began generations ago. We as the church are too often trying to use the visible, those in leadership in Washington D.C., to remedy problems that have to be remedied spiritually (invisible).

One of the things the Lord has ministered strongly to me over the last several months is the breakdown we are visibly seeing in our nation is the result of invisible breakdown we are seeing in our families. God established the family before he established government. As a pastor, I see first-hand the damage that is done because of the break-down of marriages and the failure to properly raise healthy sons and daughters. It grieves me as much as anything I deal with on a daily basis.

Marriage is a visible picture of an invisible spiritual reality, Jesus’s relationship with the church. The increased divorce rate and breakdown of healthy marriages (the visible) is a direct result of people’s relationship with Him (invisible). The multitudes of damaged, hurting, and broken children (the visible) is a direct result of the break-down in marriage and the inability to properly raise healthy sons and daughters (the invisible).

As part of helping heal our culture, I believe the Lord has directed me to teach our next two series on “Marriage” and “Sonship.” I will begin a series on the “Mystery of Marriage” on November 11th where we look at the picture of the gospel as presented in marriage. We’ll learn how Jesus relates to all believers in our marriage with Him and how we in turn can learn to relate to our spouses in the same manner. This will cause us to experience the marriages he has designed for all of us. Marriages based on unconditional-love, serving the other, and unity. In January, we will begin talking about “Sonship” or God’s original plan to raise maturing sons and daughters who reveal Him in all they do. This plan was hindered by Adam’s transgression, but has been restored through the finished work of Jesus Christ. 

There are many invisible truths that will be revealed in these series which will help you walk out God’s plan for your life (visible). You will also begin to see the invisible world that has shaped many of our very visible present tense realities.

If we do not restore our marriages and learn to raise healthy sons and daughters, we could elect Jesus Christ himself as the next president and the fate of our nation would be doomed. You say, that’s a bold statement! I know, but think about it. Jesus said he didn’t come to set up a physical kingdom, He came to set up and invisible kingdom in men’s hearts that would bring change from the inside-out and not the outside-in. He’s always been the God of the invisible!

As I close, I want to encourage you to vote in this election, but more importantly I want to encourage you to elect to get to know God. Allow Him to pour into you all that He has and then help Him with His invisible plan that is only revealed in Christ Jesus of raising sons and daughters to maturity. If we’ll do the most important thing that is often invisible, discipleship, many of our nation’s visible problems will disappear before our eyes. Our nation’s fate depends on that!




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